Monday, 9 February 2015

dot matrix (performance sample) | Richard Tuohy

This is a 5 minute section from a 16 minute (or 22 minute) , two x 16mm projector performance work. Two projectors, projecting slightly offset fromone another. Each film contains a flicker printing of various sized dots. The dots were produced by 'rayogramming' dot screens (used in manga cartoons) directly onto raw film stock in the dark room. These are the same original rayogrammed dots I used in my film 'Screen Tone'. As with that work, the sound you hear is the sound produced by the dots themselves (which extend right accross into the sound track area) as they pass the optical sound head of the projector. The 'drama' in this work is generated by the interference patterns created by the otherwise regular arrays of dots. Note, the 'off the wall' video documentation, let alone the massive divX compression, greatly reduces the effect of this work!
Richard Tuohy

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