Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Glockenschlag Visuell | H.J. Kropp

Hear with your eyes! I have no idea what is this about...

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Wellenwanne | Carsten Nicolai

The installation Wellenwanne is conceived as a model or test arrangement. Flat trays are filled with water, each resting on four loudspeakers, which transmit the sound compositions via vibrations onto the water surface. The various sound pieces, which are partly inaudible, vary for each tray so that the sound signals generate various changing interference patterns. Based on the unusual physical properties of water this aesthetic-scientific test model touches on areas of particle physics posing the question how sound frequencies, as a form of energy, are able to modulate particles.
Carsten Nicolai

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Monday, 19 November 2012

Forest and Trees | Keita Onishi

Forest and Trees" is an installation of moving images and sounds employing 12 digital photo frames. The animation and its sound effects playing through the internal speakers of each frame gradually come together to form music.
Keita Onishi

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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Visualización – Sonificación: Del sonido a la imagen y viceversa (8 y 9 de diciembre, Barcelona)

Descripción: Taller de Max orientado al empleo de Jitter. Generación de imagen a partir de sonido y generación de sonido a partir de imagen.

Objetivos: Aprendizaje de las funciones de tratamiento, generación y análisis de imagen y audio de la librería de objetos Jitter para el entorno de programación Max.

Fechas: 8 y 9 de diciembre.

Imparte: José Manuel Berenguer.

Más información en Laboratorio Symbolon

Why doesn't MTV play music videos anymore?

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