Sunday, 17 June 2012

Shallow Water | Joe Stevens

Taking Paul Klee's famous statement "take a line for a walk", I utilize GPS recorded walks, to capture the landscape scientifically and then re-represent this captured data; playing the data in new exciting ways. This work is rendered as a film and a set of limited edition prints. It references the tradition of landscape painting and contemporary art.

Coding using Processing platform creates the animation. I set guidelines for the GPS data, which is read in, interpreted and processed into an animation. A field recoding of the place where the walk took place accompanies the visual. This piece shows my love of this landscape and attempts to make known something beyond the obvious. Capturing in an essential form a description of place using an abstract visual language.

The work pays homage to a number of influences such as Constructivism, and of Hepworth and Nicholson, artists who had a strong interest in seeking out and making use of geometric forms found within the lyrical landscapes. These artists also drew inspiration from the science and mathematics of their day. They used theoretical models as new visual stimuli to develop fresh ways of thinking and working. It is also informed by Malevitch and the school of Suprematism, an art movement focused on fundamental geometric forms. The Supresatists replaced identifiable brush marks with anonymous monotone surfaces, free lines with ruled lines and complexity with apparent geometric simplicity.
Joe Stevens

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