Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Bronson | Nicolas Winding Refn

Two scenes from Bronson. The first song is really famous ("It's a Sin" by Pet Shop Boys), the second one is "Digital Versicolor" by Glass Candy. In the film there's another scene tuned to "Digital Versicolor" that I really love, but I haven't found the video online.

The first scene is a weird party at a psychiatric hospital ('crazy' people on drugs), someone at YouTube describes it as "this is what you look like when you take ketamine at a rave." The second scene is... rage, punches synchronized with music. The third scene, the one that I haven't found, mesmerizes me, it starts with the legs of a pole dancer and ends with a static shot of Tom Hardy staring at the void while the naked girl dances in the background.

This is blue, blue, bluuuuue.

I must say that I'm not really interested in this kind of music, I've never been a fan of Pet Shop Boys and I don't like electroclash (at least not in general, I like some songs, but I can't stand most electroclash albums). Anyway, Nicolas Winding Refn's films fascinate me, and he really knows how to choose, and use, music. Besides, in Bronson Tom Hardy is absolutely glorious.

And finally, Bronson wants some music... (I love the shot with the three policemen and the speakers).

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