Friday, 27 April 2012

inTra _ Trailer | idrioema

Essentiality, substance understood as something basic and independent in the existence, which is below of other potential realities and is therefore a primary source of activity.

In this regard, for the present composition have been used visual programming codes that use as raw material only the pixels of the screen being influenced by the size and therefore the space and by the time, being their actions determined by different levels of speed.

Similarly, the sound was achieved using only sine-wave frequencies, that follow the images moving in space with variables intensity for the creation of rhythms and micro-tonal ephemeral structures.

Not a surface on which to draw, but a surface with which to draw; an expanse of apparently white from which to get a glimpse of many different light gradations.
Trailer for audio-video composition i n T r a
Total lenght: 70 minutes.
Available as cd (audio) + dvd PAL (video & audio ac3) in printed digipack.


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