Sunday, 22 April 2012

INSOMNIAC I | HeeWon Lee & Alexandre Del Torchio

Insomniac I, like a dream to waking us on a hypnotic journey to the heart of the night. The light attracts us like whirling beetles in the dark. Eyes wide open - like a night without sleep walked. Neons flashing at different frequencies retain our retina. They are accompanied by analog and digital sounds that remind us of the crackling breath of electronics and electricity. Here a fiction is playing in the crossing of "parasites / short circuit" that (re)produces the work. Insomniac I is an installation that seems minimal and abstract, where, 48 neons and 48 sounds in a subtle and random rhythms and sequences create a mental landscape.
Directed: HeeWon Lee, Alexandre Del Torchio; Conception: HeeWon Lee, Alexandre Del Torchio; Computer Programming: Mathieu Chamagne; Technical Electrical: Francis bras, Interface Z; Production: My Monkey.

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