Friday, 30 March 2012

internal9.series1 | Bartosz Dylewski & Geoff Reader

The audio is recorded using Casio CZ101 digital synthesiser with a flat internal battery; this means that around a week after programming sounds into the memory card they start to degrade, setting themselves to illegal values. Eventually they end up as silence, but for a period through the magic of Phase Synthesis they evolve through some unique sounds that would be impossible to programme manually.

The video is created and recorded in real time without any post-production adjustments using Pure Data (with Gem plug-in), Chuck and Processing. These three connected units are spread across two computers and communicate with each other using Open Sound Control. PD Gem patch is responsible for creating graphics, Chuck for playing pre-recorded sounds. Both are triggered by a controller written in Processing, which reads sound frequencies and triggers visual output. There is no footage used to produce the graphics. Instead everything is based on glitch achieved with wrongly displayed blank PNG files and feedback stacks.
Geoff Reader aka McCloud (audio) and Bartosz Dylewski (video).

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