Monday, 26 March 2012

Electronic Linguistic | Gary Hill

In this early piece (1977), Hill explores the structural and organic interrelationship of linguistic and electronic phenomena. The work’s images appear as visualizations of electronically generated sounds. Initially, small pulsating pixel structures occasionally appear on the black screen. These monadic forms become larger, ultimately filling the picture plane and pulsating ever more intensely. They are accompanied by high-frequency sounds that descend in tone as soon as a bright still image fills the monitor. When the small pixel structures assume a semi-circular shape, high tones, identical to those heard at the outset, recur once more. Following come several sequences of varying lengths, in which the audio frequencies abruptly change corresponding to the electronically generated images. Finally, a stroboscope-type sequence leads into a silent still image lasting several seconds, ending the work. Through its construction of a language of electronic images and sound, this work prefigures later, more complex pieces.

Gary Hill: Selected Works and catalogue raisonné, edited by Holger Broeker (Wolfsburg: Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, 2002), GHCR 22, p. 68.
Gary Hill

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