Thursday, 2 February 2012

Impaired / Dissolving | _blank

I never publish here my own videos because for me this is more an archive of things that I like or find interesting than a blog. Anyway, in case anyone is interested, I think that today I'm gonna say something about my own work.

These two examples are the only two videos that I've made synchronizing Ableton and VDMX through midi. The original image file used in both cases is a Quartz Composer basic patch. The sound is also mine and was made from scratch in Ableton. I'm not a musician so the sound is not very sophisticated...

Impaired was made four years ago, and Dissolving last year. Both were made in just one afternoon, so I'm sure anyone familiar with computers, video and sound can make something similar. VDMX demo can be downloaded for free from Vidvox, Quartz Composer is included in Xcode, and Ableton Live is very popular so no need for explanations.

Most of my videos are at Vimeo. Some of them are made in Modul8, others in VDMX, but usually I work frame by frame (not audio analysis) with Photoshop and Final Cut.


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