Tuesday, 29 November 2011

VIDEODROME 2012 – Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions: VIDEODROME 2012 at The Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art
Now accepting submissions of A/V works under 5 mins.
Deadline: April 1st 2012

VIDEODROME is Toronto's foremost event for Visual Music and A/V culture since 2004. Visual Music is video and audio composition made from video edits, simultaneously video AND music where picture matches sound, cut for cut, beat for beat, rhythmic media work where sound and image are equally dominant. See examples here.

Based on the Cronenberg concept, VIDEODROME is an exercise in televisionary excess and sensory overload, video screening as party and vice-versa, in the words of dropFRAMEvideo: “bridging the gaps between the sofa, the club, and the gallery.”

Works must be complete and received by April 1st by post at 193 Augusta, Toronto, ON, M5T 2L4 Or posted to a file-sharing service such as SENDSPACE. Proposals for live performances or installations will also be considered.

VIDEODROME is administrated by Jubal Brown, dropFRAMEvideo, and Apocalypse Tomorrow.

Spring 2012, at The Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art in Toronto

More info on last years event here. Found at: Vague Terrain

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