Saturday, 29 October 2011

Relational Wavespace: Mineral Crystals

"Relational Wavespace: Mineral Crystals" sonifies the molecular architecture of mineral crystals, creating suites of pure sonic tones that correspond to the resonant frequencies of specific atom groups. Pulling from a database of over 3500 mineral crystals, this video features rotating 3D visualizations of ajoite, almarudite, amicite, cobaltite, kasolite, pyroxene, quartz and turquoise, selected on the basis of their striking architecture and sonic potential. Each tone is derived from a function of the distance in nanometers between each highlighted atom, listed along the left of the frame. Part of solo exhibition "Dis/continuum" at Central Utah Art Center, May 2011 by Blake Carrington. (Note: this video was created specifically for full HD display and lacks fine details in this 960x540 version)
Blake Carrington

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