Monday, 1 August 2011


Field es una aplicación creada por Rainer Kohlberger, con sonido de Wilm Thobe, que genera piezas abstractas a partir de las imágenes capturadas por la cámara del iPhone, el iPad y el iPod Touch. El brillo, la saturación y el color del vídeo son traducidos a un patrón geométrico de colores, y las imágenes van disparando diferentes sonidos.

In this app, the iPads camera reacts to light and colors in the environment and translates them in an aesthetic way in tones, sounds, and geometrical patterns. Formally speaking, Kohlberger draws on concrete art. The term concrete art was first coined in 1924 by Dutch painter, Theo van Doesburg, before being programmat- ically defined a few years later, in 1930, in the founding manifesto of the group Art Concrete for a direction in art the ideal foundation of which was anchored in mathematics and geometry. It is not “abstract” in the proper sense since it does not extract from what already exists in material reality; on the contrary, it rather materializes intellectual content, possessing no symbolic significance, and is more or less generated from geometrical con- struction.

During the 1960s, Op-Art and Kinetics artists made the logical step of also generating the mathematical foundation purely by programming: in other words, to have the works generate themselves according to an algorithm. With Rainer Kohlberger’s app, a further step has been taken: external influences, such as real light and real movement become part of the algorithm, and extend the geometric and acoustic input in endless variations.

Como no tengo iPhone, etc. no lo he visto en funcionamiento y no sé si realmente será tan interesante como parece. Si a alguien le apetece probarlo, está a la venta en la App Store de Apple por 1'59 euros.

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