Thursday, 3 February 2011

Excerpt from Apeiron l Peras Vlll

"Apeiron | Peras is a series of videographics and sound compositions created using a custom built video synthesizer connected in generative feedback paths. Intense audio-video synesthesia is produced by sonifying and visualizing raw electronic signals as directly as possible, creating an intricately intertwined relationship between what is heard and what is seen as sound and image take turns leading and following each other in a perpetual dance. Each work follows an improvised trajectory, navigating the sonic and visual landscape produced by folding electronic signals inwards upon themselves. Apeiron | Peras VII - X are the result of a process of seeking balance between exerting expressive control over an otherwise raw electronic signal and letting the wild, unpredictable current follow its own path."

Phillip Stearns

En la web del creador, Phillip Stearns, podéis encontrar los vídeos del I al VI, aparte de muchos otros trabajos.

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