Friday, 23 April 2010

Minus 60°: Karl Kliem

"Surround sound installation with synchronized florescent tubes. Six speakers on tripods. One fluorescent tube attached to each tripod.

The video shows a short excerpt of the first setup at Hafen2 in Offenbach near Frankfurt as part of the Luminale 2010 and part of the exhibition series "Words & Sounds" curated by Hortense Pisano."

Karl Kliem

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Vektron modular: Niklas Roy

"A presentation of a modular, algorithmic synthesizer. The device plays compositions which are stored on microcontroller modules. The modules in this presentation are based on the Atmega family and are programmed in GCC (Arduino) and Bascom. In general, the synthesizer can work with any other TTL Microcontroller as PIC, Propeller or even ones which don't exist yet, as the computation happens on the module and the Vektron itself only provides the peripherals."

Niklas Roy

Sunday, 11 April 2010


"Ondulation is a composition for water, sound and light. It employs a two ton pool of water which is set into motion using sound. Beams of light are projected onto the surface of the water and reflect onto a projection screen. The pool becomes a "liquid mirror" that is slowly sculpted into perfect three-dimensional expressions of a musical composition. In turn, the light on the screen is modulated by the movement of the water into complex visual forms which maintain perfect congruity with their musical source. The resulting fusion of sensory experiences is a temporal sculpture: a construction of water, sound and light which evolves as a composition in time." —Ondulation

Created by Thomas McIntosh with the assistance of Mikko Hynninen and Emmanuel Madan.