Monday, 13 April 2009

Linn Meyers y Richard Chartier: Sin título

"Linn Meyers, untitled, 2009, collaborative installation with sound artist Richard Chartier. Ink drawing on wall with eight channel digital sound with transducers applied to back surface of the wall 8 x 30 feet.

The back gallery space features a unique first collaborative project between Meyers and sound artist Richard Chartier, in an installation where optical and sonic patterns intersect. With another architectural transformation of the gallery space, two fifteen foot long by eight foot high walls meet in an enfolding chevron, creating both a sound chamber and a drawing surface. The swirling lines of Meyers' drawing, made directly on the surface of the walls, fuse together with the sound piece by Chartier, juxtaposing the organic and the digital into unified sensorial space. With eight audio transducers applied directly to the back surface of the walls, Chartier's stark composition modulates and transfers through the surfaces."

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