Saturday, 22 November 2008

subliminalTV - part 1 - holes

"This section is a good example of my lo-tech experimental approach to multimedia - here most of what you can HEAR is actually the video itself. Basically I simply split the video signal and shove it into my audio input (as well as sending it to the projector). If you do this, quite often you won't hear anything (I think the frequencies involved are actually out of the range of human hearing), but if you mix the signal with something else, you get strange kinds of interference. Here I combined it with some rather filthy bass to get this rather raw, distorted kind of sound - I really like the way the video has a tendancy to punch 'holes' in the audio - hence the title of this section. It does make for a pretty raw and nasty sound - if this bit isn't your cup of tea, do try some of the other sections which you might find easier going!" Joseph Hyde

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