Tuesday, 30 September 2008


"Having as starting point the wonderfull master pieces of James Turrell, we now present the first drafts of our dadaist aproach and tribute to Turrel's Work. Moving Turrell is a set of animated audiovisual sculptures that react to the movement of the viewers."


La verdad es que no entiendo qué tiene que ver esto con el dadaismo, pero bueno...

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  1. No Hablo bien el Espanhol pero:

    "The domain in which Dada came nearest to fulfilling its promises is undoubtedly the "collage" (which we take in the widest sense of a conglomeration of different materials). The dadaists found their ideal means of expression in the collage, and explored all of its possibilities."

    source: http://www.dadart.com/dadaism/dada/025-dada-collages.html

    I think in Morrel's case, the authors also mean collage of different "materials" sound, light, human movement, the ideas from someone else (James Turrell) and their own ideas. This is how Morrell's can be understod as a dadaist aproach.