Thursday, 19 June 2008

Le Mapping Festival à la Fête de la Musique 2008 à Genève

« Super 60 »
Voyage visuel et sonore au cour des années 60 - A sound and video trip within the 60's
Vendredi 20 Juin - Parc des Bastions GENEVE - A partir de 23h

For the occasion of the Fête de la Musique 2008, the Mapping Festival Association is revisiting a few themes related to the 60's thanks to three projects with various and complementary musical styles.
In accordance to the specialization of the association in real time video mixing and VJing the musical performances will be accompanied by visual sets in order to create absorbing atmospheres that will appeal to both for your ears and eyes.
Between cover versions, experimentation and inspiration the three featured sets will present you their unique approach to this mythical time.
Whatever the 60's may evoke for you be it the student riots, the libertarian flights, the kitsch furnishings, the rock'n'roll consecration or anything else this night will strike a chord in any of you.

Led by Alain Frey and having been active on the swiss electronic scene for the last 10 years the trip-hop band ALOAN will revisit a few emblematic tracks from the period and will interpret them in their own way from ambient to more festive dancing music.
ALOAN will be accompanied by the collaborative efforts of Lausanne based artist NICOLAS WINTSCH, whose background is in the animation and graphic design and of JEHANNE ZAKI, whose style plays with sophisticated kitsch will weave together a special mix specifically tailored for this event.

PASCAL GRECO, a video artist, and KID CHOCOLAT, DJ, will present their audiovisual set « Super 8 ». Clearly inspired by the musical and visual style of the 60's in which the viewer finds himself enveloped by the psychedelic and poetic thumbnails. We are not far from the work of the Beatles with Richard Lester or of David Lynch with his favourite composer Angelo Badalamenti. Accompanied by Gilles Dupuis on drums and Fabio Mulone on bass, their set will not leave you indifferent.

In a more experimental and less litteral approach STEVE BUCHANAN, a musician, dancer and composer coming from the downtown New York scene and active in various European bands since 1992 will present his own view of the 60's in an improvised session with the multi influenced drummer ROBERTO TITOCCI.
Their music will be accompanied by the visuals of the VJs AZADEH, resident at the Zoo/Usine and BORIS EDELSTEIN one of the creators of the famous VJ software Modul8. A set that promises to be full of surprises!

ALOAN revisite les 60's-
VJs: Nicolas Wintsch, -
+ Jehanne Zaki

featuring Gilles Dupuis / drums & Fabio Mulone / bass -

VJs: Boris Edelstein -

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