Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Transitory Presences #03 | Yolanda Uriz + Lars Åkerlund

Yolanda Uriz + Lars Åkerlund

Seven Days | Chris Welsby

Each day starts at the time of local sunrise and ends at the time of local sunset. One frame was taken every ten seconds throughout the hours of daylight. The camera was mounted on an equatorial stand which is a piece of equipment used by astronomers to track the stars. In order to remain stationary in relation to the star field, the mounting is aligned with the Earth's axis and rotates about its own axis at approximately once every 24 hours.
Chris Welsby

Monday, June 22, 2015

Opus IV | Walter Ruttmann & _blank

"Opus IV" is a digital reinterpretation of the 1925 homonymous film by Walter Ruttmann.

The video file is the original film by Ruttmann (on the Public Domain) downloaded from archive. The sound was generated from the video frames. Even it could be considered a sonification work, or even a generative work, the audio files and the image files are exactly the same, you hear what you see. The process of creation consisted on saving all the 7.755 frames from the original film first as .raw and then as .aiff.